Steven Moore

Select Food began in 2011 in the city of Santa Maria de Jetiba in Brazil. It is here that we harvested our Ginger (Zingiber officinale). Then we carefully washed, sorted and packaged our ginger. Our initial exporting of that ginger was to the city of Hong Kong.

Later we expanded our line and added Pink Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolia) (and Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) harvested from the city of São Mateus in Brazil. Soon, we added further products including Garlic (Allium sativum) and Chinese Ginger (Zingerberaceae) to our product line.

While doing a market analysis in Asia, we realized a unique opportunity regarding Frozen Chicken. We began to export Frozen Chickens, Chicken Middle Wings and Grade A Chicken Feet from Brazil to them. China remains a strong customer of ours.

Select Food does continue to invest in training of our employees, with the goal of helping them produce the best quality of our products. We teach our farmers to use advanced system in the methods of irrigation, our sorters and our packagers the best handling for products.

Select Food’s commitment has and will be to produce the best Fresh Ginger, Pink Pepper and Black Pepper without harm to the environment.  The high quality of our products, the rigorous inspections of them, the careful handling and packaging of our products is all strictly supervised. Furthermore, the logistics of the air-controlled containers from the point of origin to your warehouses is carefully monitored. 

All are factors that made Select Food reputation an internationally featured Trade Company.

In 2017, a group of investors acquired Select Food.  The focus is to further strengthen and expand our operation. Thereby, we can maintain the highest quality of Pink Pepper, Black Pepper and the freshest Ginger available with the Global Food Market.

We have begun our business expansion into North American market. There in North America we will introduce our customers to the finest products that we now carry as well as premium Brazilian products that are in development for the American market.


To be a recognized as a company of excellence in the international market for trading high quality products.


To be a reference at the exportation of fresh food, recognized as the best option by clients, because of quality, supply activities and customer service.


* Ethics;
* Transparency;
* Going the extra mile;
* Environmental and social responsibility;
* Commitment with sustainable development;